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Shimmi(b), Matthew(g,voc.), Mikesh(dr.), Shwejk, Nyaffitcheck(g.)


In the pub of 'Na Jive' near Jicin. August 1998. And then they were three...


I'd like to introduce a rock music band Dr.MOZSE, which I sing and play the guitar in. It's a group of people, which is no greenhorn in the world of music bands. Its history goes back to the half eighties, when a couple of teens, who liked some popular local hard-rock bands (Katapult and Olympic and Turbo) as well as from abroad, started playing in a garage in a silent neighborhood of Jicin. Dr.MOZSE is a band, which plays 'big beat'. Who started in the garage? Mikesh (Lubos Mydlár) at the drums, Pavel (Kozák) and Mozse (Jaroslav Musil) with guitars and Noza (Mgr. Petr Nozicka) with the bass-guitar. 'Proxima C' was the first name of the band. After some time the band got a dusty gym as the rehearsal room. Boris (Radovan Hynek, Dipl.Ing.) and Olous (Oldrich Brodsky, with a genuine electronic keyboard) entered the band that time. After some time the third guitar player, Matthew (Petr Matejka, Dipl. Ing), came. Both local and abroad songs belonged to the band's repertoire. Such a big change called for a new band name; The DEFECT. Mozse and Olous are leaving The DEFECT and just four members remain in the band. From that time just original songs are played in the band. This change called for a new name again; 'Dr.MOZSE'. The main places for public performances were various pubs and inns. Illegally, as singing songs without previous legal permission was prohibited by the former Czechoslovakian communist regime. At that time the band meets Zhibus (Michal Malatny), who with a friend of his Hroch (=Hippopotamus, Pavel Grohman) founded a rock band of Stary hadry (= Old Cloths). Sometimes Dr.MOZSE held public performances together with Stary hadry. Before the Velvet Revolution in the former communist Czechoslovakia Mikesh leaves the band because of his military service duty. In this period the ruins of Dr.MOZSE meet Stary hadry at a performance of 'Rock-forum' and both bands perform as just one group of musicians. Stary hadry became later very popular in the Czech and Slovak Republics. It is necessary to mention another member, who did not play any instrument, but he was very important for the band. His nickname was Shwejk (Martin Stránský). In 1997 tired Boris leaves the band and Shimmi (Michal Simon) eagerly grabs for his bass-guitar place. Soon after the second guitar player Nyaffitcheck (Mgr. Miroslav Kostak) enters the band. In September 2000 Boris returns to the band. In the meantime he bought a new Yamaha bass-guitar and a pretty powerful Marshall bass amp. Shimmi is leaving. Also the repertoire changes a bit. Except for the original songs the band returns to classic songs (Katapult, Deep Purple, etc.) The summary at the end: The total of people who have ever played in the band is TEN.

And what about Shwejk? He disappeared in March 2003 and interrupted all contacts with his friends. He turns up in November 2004 and spends pleasant moments with us. However, one year later Shwejk leaves this world forever. Shwejk dies tragically on November 5, 2005, on his 36th birthday. We'll never forget you, friend...



In 2000 Boris made up his mind to come back, because he bought a new bass-guitar Yamaha and the most powerful Marshall bass amp. The home pub of Dr.MOZSE was beerhouse 'U nasich' in Jicin. Nowadays the base is beerhouse 'Batalion' in Jicin. The songs of the band are available at server  FreeMusic.cz, where you can download them. In September 2000 the band restored its activities, after a one-year pause. There were three causes: firstly the new rehearsal room and studio in Brezina (in Mikesh's house), secondly the new loudspeaker system, and least but not least, a new desire to play. Unfortunately, the band's members are only preparing for rehearsals and public performances.

And what about the next activities of the band’s members? Matthew plays the guitar in a dance band MAVIS, which originates from Liban, with Shimmi as its bass guitar player and Mikesh, who replaced Milos Pluhar behind the drums. The band acts at both winter ball dance and summer rock events in the vicinity of Liban. Boris played the double bass in a musical band with Bilik Brothers, however, he does not play in any band anymore. And Nyaffitcheck? He’s a front man of the Cargo band, which plays at dance balls. Additionally, he’s a front man of a rock band of Hogo. After Karel Valnoha left Cargo, Shimmy replaces him, which endangers the next existence of Mavis, together with Mikesh, who had to quit all musical activities, because of his personal troubles. Though the musicians are changing their positions and bands, the music is still winning. It always must.

Dr. MOZSE is dead. Long live Dr. MOZSE!